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Abysmal Thoughts

by The Drums

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ExtraSauces,Please thumbnail
ExtraSauces,Please It sounds like the sleekest, most honest Drums album in my opinion. Blood Under My Belt is my anthem. My friend got me this on Vinyl for my birthday, and I picked it up on CD prior to! Favorite track: Blood Under My Belt.
Didi thumbnail
Didi Such an amazing youthful album, a catchy hook or chorus on every. damn. song!
Especially on Your Tenderness Favorite track: Your Tenderness.
MusicisGoodfortheSoul thumbnail
MusicisGoodfortheSoul Super catchy but not in the way you'd expect. Find myself coming back time and time again. Favorite track: Head of the Horse.
kreuztot thumbnail
kreuztot Probably the most uplifting album I heard in years. Favorite track: Heart Basel.
John Evelyn
John Evelyn thumbnail
John Evelyn Dance or die. Favorite track: Abysmal Thoughts.
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Mirror 04:04
I didn't need another push towards the edge But you did it with a casual stance My constitution my confidence They left me when you did And now I'm asking Who are you I look in the mirror when the sun goes down I ask myself who are you now I not the human that I could have been Instead I gave my heart to a breathing machine Where there's no heartbeat and I'm freezing And you don't care You just leave I've been here before a room without a door
beautiful idiot why am I in love with you Stupid joke did you in Here we go again And if your nose was bleeding I would tell you. It's a stupid party anyway. You'll always be stupid so I'll always be there. I don't want to lose you I just want to kiss you I promise you I'll fight for your life all through the night. I promise you I'll fight for your life through the end of time. I promise you. I'll fight for your life. We barely made it or alive And now we're on a train tonight A different city a different life Will it ever feel right Oh why am I complaining Cuz this feels so right
what does it take for you to believe that I have changed I know very well that I have blood under my belt and yes it's true that I hurt you but I still love you I love you I still do. And what did I say to make you want to run away. I know fucking well that I have blood u set my belt. And yes it's true that I hurt you but I still love you I love you I still do. But you won't believe me. I see death coming at me too quickly. I don't want this to end. I picked an apple from the tree we planted together. I hold it in my hand. I know I said change- but please don't change. I know I said do it - but don't do it don't do it. I am scared of the child that lives in me. I don't know if he learns. You left your t-shirt under the bed we shared together. I put it over my face. I know I said change - but please don't change. I know I said do it
Heart Basel 04:42
Oh I feel the ocean in my head Oh the pressures rising And my heartbeat's speedin And can u feel the tension Crawling up your chest Oh it's do or die kid like it's always been Please call me and tell me that you want me Cuz right now my life is getting pretty ugly. And I want to share a cigarette and I want to go dancing in the rain. So call me and tell me that you want me and let's do it all again. Oh the tropical weather , it must have softened your heart. But now we're back in California where the air is dry and your heart is closing up in plain sight. And I question your love for me You tell me to have confidence I question your love for me Cuz baby you don't make no sense.
shrink-wrapped magazines in a paper bag He hugged me when I came home Only boy in a ballet class. He hugged me when I came home. Dads on the pulpit talking bout love. Moms in the nursery cussing me out. He hugged me when I came home. Jean was crazy but she loved me when she died I slept in her car. He hugged me when I came home. Here ... here we go again. All these memories coming back at me. Here here we go again all these memories get the best of me. Get the best of me. Have a headache we'll grab the oil. If you complain well that's the devil talkin. He hugged me when I came home. Your sister go married 14 times but if you fall in love so - that's a crime. He hugged me when I came home. Well I fell in love and I told him I was happy. My dad hugged me and said this would be be last hug. Phillip took me out for pizza in London. He said they were his friends and they weren't mine. Phillip took me for a walk in New York City. He told me my story was boring. He told me my story was boring.
Im under the ice my whole life if you see my gently smiling baby you should know I’m just trying not to cry i see you skating by you look strong you look full of life i gather strength then change my mind my heart goes dark then i fall behind we all get a chance at joy did mine come and go every morning i quit smoking every night I’m bumming a light how much longer do i have to wait for you to come and burn a hole through my soul i want skate on top with you but its dark and its cold and I’m scared
Are U Fucked 03:59
I pulled up all the carpet in my room i lay down on the concrete cuz i used to know you know you know you push down on my chest so i can’t breath i ask for your hands and you gave me everything everything everything you were kind and i was cruel now I’m lost feel stupid too I’m asking are you fucked cuz I’m feeling fucked are you feeling fucked are you feeling fucked yeah? i built a machine and it turned on me i asked you to be what you couldn’t be
lately i have no faith in myself i have nothing offered but myself and i wake up and its lonely and i think of you in that city or your driving your car and all of the things that we will do when you are back again it keeps me alive your tenderness is filling me with hope your tenderness your tenderness… this world is a cold one ill never understand and i feel like I’ve been hiding all my life sometimes i wish the sea would open up and take me and then i think of you and how you’re strong and how you’re delicate and that makes it alright oh if theres anyone who can mend my heart well its got to be you
Rich Kids 03:07
i found a boy with a rusty car he smokes a regional cigarette factory workin factory looking factory kissing factory doing lost my keys in a parking lot stumbled on the boy with a bad haircut factory workin factory looking factory kissing factory doing Rich kids you make me sick kids a bunch of dick heads Rich kid you dont give two shits you make me slit wrists catch him with a truck tire under each arm the same arms are huggin me through the night factory workin factory looking factory kissing factory doing i like to drink orange juice then give him the glass he happily washes it then kicks my ass factory workin factory looking factory kissing factory doing When I see him smile every once in a while every once in a while his father will never know him and his mother thinks she loves him the rich kids say he’s nothing but they’ve got nothing on him
I climbed a mountain so i could see you coming i dug a river to the sea so you could sink into me and I’ve got somewhere to go but i wont go if you say you love me but its really obvious you’ll never love me if all we share means nothing then all my life is empty and when i see you outside i have to run inside and hide we used to turn coal into stone and stone into gold oh, you didn’t make it easy on me, baby how do i say goodbye to something i loved so much this boy i cradled in my heart closer than anything else i know the dutch build damns but this time I’m the guilty one
oh abysmal thoughts pushing me down to the ground oh abysmal thoughts oh beautiful thoughts where have you gone now oh beautiful thoughts take me away from this dark place all i wanted was to love you oh how could you do this to me? who have i become? is there no way to come back? oh how could you do that to me? abysmal, abysmal, abysmal….


released June 16, 2017


all rights reserved



The Drums New York, New York


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